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Alternative Transportation and Bike Safely Tips

Cycling takes on an ethical importance as an alternative form of transportation in an age of fear over global warming and a period of financial crisis when people look for affordable transportation options.  In my extensive travels through Europe I noticed that every major city has a public bicycle rental station and most major cities are bicycle friendly.  The USA has always had the mentality that bigger is better and now we must all do our part to contribute and make a change towards this alternative form of transportation. 

Europe implemented these types of alternative transportation systems years ago and it’s time that the USA started doing the same.  Most European homes have a fuel-efficient vehicle, a scooter and a bicycle.  Depending on the daily need they choose the form of transportation that is most efficient.  We have implemented that system in our own home in Laguna Beach. My family and I have a hybrid vehicle, a motorcycle and bicycles, but mostly we just walk around town.  We do have a Eurovan that only gets used for long family trips and motorcycle shows.   I have personally started contributing to this change, at my store in Laguna Beach, EuroPapi Motorcycle Streetwear, 688 S. Coast Highway.  The store has recently started selling an alternative form of transportation that combines the look of a Chopper with an electric bicycle.   I am doing my small part to bring awareness to the huge global problem, while offering a solution that is cool and fun.  I will also be donating $1 from every green tire or chain wristband sold at my store or online at to the Go Green efforts in Laguna Beach.  

Bicycles offer many opportunities for recreation, exercise and personal transportation, but they must be ridden with safety in mind. Following the tips listed below will make you a safer and more confident bicyclist. 

·       Obey all traffic signals, signs and lane markings.

·       Ride on the right side of the road with the flow of traffic. Pass slower moving or    stopped vehicles on their left.

·       Ride far enough away from the curb to stay clear of opening car doors, potholes, debris and sewer grates and to maintain a straight line. 

·       Be alert, scan the route ahead for traffic, opening car doors, pedestrians and obstacles on the road surface.

·       Ride predictably so that others can see you and predict your movements. Use hand signals to indicate turns.

·       Make eye contact with motorists and pedestrians before crossing paths.

·       Except when signaling, always keep both hands on the handlebars and be ready to brake. Use secure racks or packs for carrying items or packages.

·       Go slower and use caution when the road is wet or when visibility limited.

·       Be visible; use lights, and reflectors are required when riding at night. Brightly colored or reflective clothing can help increase visibility.

·       Avoid bicycling upon sidewalks, especially in areas where motorists may not expect bicyclists or may have obstructed visibility.

·       Keep your bicycle in good working condition. Also, only ride a bicycle that is sized and adjusted to fit you.

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